Auto parts
A cheap alternative car repair option with genuine parts
At Cash 4 Cars, we sell
genuine used auto parts at a fraction of the market price
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We stock a huge range of used auto parts such as tyres, body panels, engine parts, lighting and anything else could come in a car.

If you are after a particular auto part, give us a call on 0800 90 70 60 and we will source it for you for free and pay only a fraction of the market price when you pick it up. Alternatively you can request a part using the form on the right.

Use this form to request a part

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How it works

Quick and easy process

Most of the time we source the part for you on the same day.
step 1.

Request a part

You can request a part by calling us on 0800 90 70 60 or using the form above

step 2.

We find it

When we receive your inquiry, we will find the part and give you a call and advise you about the price.

step 3.

You pick up

Then you can pick up the requested part from our yard and pay for it at the time of pick up.