Vehicle wrecking
We are the car wreckers that know how to dismantle and recycle any car, van, 4WD or trucks regardless of their age and condition.
We are one Auckland’s biggest car wreckers

We have one of the biggest car dismantling facilities in Auckland. Our team of professional car dismantlers will dismantle cars in a very responsible way. And we are one of the leading car wreckers in Auckland region. Car wreckers Auckland specializes in all vehicle dismantling processes from initial sourcing of unwanted cars to dismantling and recycling.

We recycle over 90% of the vehicle parts to make sure the fresh oxygen we enjoy breathing every morning will remain fresh and healthy for future generation.

Although we mostly buy broken vehicles but there will still be some parts suitable for reuse. And we make sure those parts are taken out and reused or properly recycled.

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