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Cash For Cars Auckland pays you instant cash for cars in Auckland. We provide instant cash quotes for any unwanted car, van, 4Wds and trucks. We pay instant cash for any unwanted car, van, 4WD and trucks. Another thing we do is free removal service for any unwanted car, van, 4WD and trucks. Same day removal service Auckland wide.

What is Cash 4 Cars?

According to Wikipedia, cash 4 cars (cash for cars) is a part of the process that involves buying old and scrap cars and recycling them. Wikipedia states that the exchange of cash for junk, scrap and unwanted cars has now become part of the automotive industry. It also encourages the public to be more socially accountable and more protective of the environment.

Social Needs of car recycling

This practice is more of a social demand rather than being a business opportunity. As of 30th November 2018, close to 70 million motor vehicles have been produced worldwide in 2018, according to WorldOMeters. So, we can thoroughly estimate how many old ones would have to retire and lead the way to dismantling yards and recycling stations and even some are never making it to recycling stations. Instead they are left to rust in farms and backyards. This is never going to be an acceptable practice because every single vehicle regardless of their junk metal, comes with a variety of environment damaging substances such as acids and oils. Therefore, leaving old cars to rust will eventually end in these dangerous substances polluting our waterways and causing air pollution.

New Zealand Car Industry

In New Zealand, there were about 3.9 million vehicles in 2015 as Environmental Health Indicators New Zealand has found and New Zealand’s population was estimated by Stats NZ to be 4.596 million in 2015. So that’s 0.85 vehicle per person in New Zealand. Keeping that in mind, New Zealand is a country where automobile market is huge, and it is only getting bigger. So, to protect our great climate and environment, we must be extra vigilant what we do with our old and unwanted vehicles. Therefore, it is our social responsibility to have our road metals recycled properly. As economy is very reliant on transportation, and the need grows for more vehicles on our road, the need also grows that we must have a system where we are able to take back vehicles that have had their time and are now ready for dismantling and recycling.

A Fact About New Zealand Car Industry

New Zealand motor vehicle fleet increased 61 percent from 1.5 million in 1986 to over 2.4 million by June 2003. By 2015 it almost reached 3.9 million. This is where scrapping has increased since 2014. Cash For Cars is a term used for Car Removal/Scrap Car where wreckers pay cash for old/wrecked/broken vehicles depending on age/model.” Wikipedia

Financial and social benefits

Both financial and social benefits of car recycling is huge. Economy is growing as money coming off vehicle scraping is pumped into the system and a lot of people from car owners to car wreckers find a source of income. Thousands of people are working in this chain and have employment. Also, hundreds of million dollars is circulating in the country helping the economy. This helps a lot of businesses to have work.

Environmental benefits

We have already talked about Cash for cars environmental benefits briefly. However, this is a very important aspect of the whole car industry and requires a bit more emphasis. The whole industry has been focusing on how to produce cars the burn lesser and lesser fossil fuel and use more and more of renewable energy. This is fair enough because fossil fuel is causing huge amount of damage to the planet in different ways from production to usage. However, it appears that the industry’s focus is mainly on production and usage life of the cars. After life cars also need some attention. This is where the importance of car recycling emerges.

Car recycling plays a huge part in the industry. It is worth millions of dollars but a greater role of environment protection.

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At Cash 4 Cars, our practice is simple. We always carry a bag of cash with us. So, from the moment you call us you can smell cash. Yes, cash paid for your unwanted vehicle on the spot before our professional tow truck driver take your eyesore away.
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At Cash for Cars Auckland, we love damaged vehicles as much as the Council loves your rubbish. Even more as we pay instant cash for cars in Auckland but the Council doesn't. We buy them even in their worst conditions.
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Got a running and complete vehicle that you want to just get rid of. NICE! We want it too. And pay you top CASH for it. At Cash for Cars Auckland our policy is to pay top instant cash for cars in Auckland.
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At Cash 4 Cars customers' satisfaction is our top priority. We value our customers because they are the purpose of our business. To achieve customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves in providing same day removal service from anywhere in Auckland region.
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After the paperwork is done and you receive your share of CASH, our truck driver will tow away your eyesore and leave it to you whatever your plan might be with that CASH. Easy as!!